Glassy High Color Jade Necklace

0 Glassy High Color Jade

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burmese jade bangle

0 burmese jade bangle burmese Jade bangle

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Energy Stone Jewellery Multi Jade Sterling Silver Ring at The Shopping Channel 581113

0 Energy Stone Jewellery Multi Jade Sterling Silver Ring at The Shopping Channel 581113For More Info or to Buy Now visit:

Slip this multi jade sterling silver ring from Energy Stone Jewellery around your finger for a wonderfully chic appeal. The filigree design of the band integrates the Chinese symbol for longevity. The jade inserts can be worn on their own without the silver band for a very versatile look.

• Sterling silver
• Sterling Silver filigree design ring with open shank for Jade inserts
• Ring measures approximately 10mm wide, knuckle to knuckle
• Nickel free
• Made in China

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Is it okay to wear my jade bi on a yellow string necklace?

My mom gave it to me on a red string from the temple, but it has worn out. I found a nice woven yellow one. Would it be okay to wear on the yellow string until I can get another red one from the monks? Is yellow unlucky with jade? (Will mom freak if she sees the jade on a yellow string?) Thanks. I don’t want to be without my bi pendant.

Yes it’s fine? The traditional dress code of certain monasteries were, and still might be, yellow robes.

Red suggests happiness, love, compassion, prestige, yellow shares similar connotations with wealth, prestige, etc, as it resembles the colour gold.

Though aesthetically a red string would suit a green jade as they’re opposing colours, but that’s just subjective opinions.

Are jade bangles classy or outdated? Do you think it looks good on gals?

Will you pick a diamond or jade bracelet? and Why?

No i think itd so out

Chinese Good Luck, Live Long and Prosper Jade Necklace

0 Chinese Good Luck, Live Long and Prosper Jade NecklaceChinese Good Luck, Live Long and Prosper Jade Necklace

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Translucent “water jade” bracelet bangle

0 Translucent water jade bracelet bangleInside diameter: around 61mm( 2.41inch), rounded inside
A cherished and classic color pattern with energy for happiness, good luck and fortune, health and love
Go to:

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burmese jade jewelry

0 burmese jade jewelry burmese Jade Jewelry

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What are you guys wearing for the first day of school?

I’m going to be a junior this year, and I wanted to keep my outfit really simple this year.

I’m wearing a red plaid shirt from Abercrombie, underneath it, a basic white shirt from H&M. For my bottoms, a lightwash pair of shorts, also from Abercrombie, and high-top Converse. For jewelry, a white cross bracelet, and a Jade Necklace.

How about you guys, what do you plan on wearing?
@Won for all

All I’m doing is getting ideas from people, there’s no need to act that way icon smile What are you guys wearing for the first day of school? And of course, if people make fun of you because of your clothing, that’s their fault, not yours. But I’m lucky enough to have positive friends, that don’t care how I dress, and don’t make fun of others for how they dress.

I am planning on wearing a Black Muscle Tank from Urban Outfitters, Medium-Wash Super Skinny Jeans from Hollister, and Black Combat Boots with some stackable bracelets from Forever21 and my hair will be wavy.

Where can I sell my Jade Bangle (Grade A) in Manila?

The Jade Bangle was bought in the Jade Factory near the JuYongGuan Great Wall in Beijing, China. I have a certificate proving its quality and authenticity.

You can go to to sell it. You’ll see a lot of trustworthy buyers there.

If you don’t want to sell it online, you can have a friend buy it for you.

May I know its specifications (inside diameter, rounded or flat inside, color, suggested price) though? If I can afford it, I might buy it instead since I love Jade bangles. Haha.

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